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Name: Victor Salvador Martinez Magaña

Profession: Student of ingeniery in systems computer

Description of you: A boy who likes to travel with his friends, try new things to face new challenges and so learn every day more.

Skills: Creative person, persevering in the work and personal life, always trying to be the better with a smile in my face.

Interests: Computers, Java, python, IOT, Ethical hackers.

The kind of job you’re looking for: Full stack web development.


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  • new page Resumen
    created by GTXUlises
    New page: Module 12 Lesson 2.- How to write a cover letter that will get you hired What is a cover letter? Cover letters are one page documents that you send...
  • new page Generation English, CV
    created by GTXUlises
    New page:
    Added photo:
  • new page ExpoBigData
    created by Efren Gaspar
    New page: Team: Efrén Gaspar Felipe. Víctor Salvador Martínez Magaña.
    Summary: Exposición referente al tema Big Data.
    Added video:
    • ExpoBigData-Ingles
  • new page Module 7 Lesson 3 Email
    created by Markenzo96
    New page: Dear Boss, We hope you are well! We would like to give you a brief update on the project to open a new office in Hong Kong. Everything is great, we...
  • new page Module 6 lesson 4 dialogue supplier and a prospective client
    created by Markenzo96
    New page: provided (me) r: thank you very much for trusting us Miss Axa. Axa (client): Thank you Mr. Mario but I have some doubts, why should I be with you?...
  • new page Modulo 6 lección 3 email
    created by Markenzo96
    New page: Dear Alettia, We hope you are well! We noticed that you are spending a lot of time completing your tasks and we would like to offer you some advice...
  • discussion page Talk:Cover letter lesson 12
    new comment by TeacherPierina
    Comment: Very Good! In the 2nd. paragraph, i suggest you to change it into 2nd. person of singular.
    Added photo:
  • new page CV
    created by OscarRv
    New page:
    Summary: Cv
    Added photo:
  • new page MODULE 12 LESSON 1
    created by AlanMora25
    New page: ALAN EDUARDO VÁZQUEZ MORA Home address: sixth setting # 427 Zapopan 45138 | (F) 36249685 | (M) 3339052051 Email: ...
  • new page MODULE 12 LESSON 2
    created by AlanMora25
    New page: ALAN EDUARDO VAZQUEZ MORA Sexta poniente #427, FRACCIONAMIENTO PUERTA DE HIERRO, CP 45138 · 3336249685 · DICEMBER 10, 2018...

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